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The Nurse Level 4, Nurse Level 3 and Paramedical Advisory Council (VAR) is an independent advisory body that represents the interests of these professional groups within Fundashon Mariadal.

Why is VAR so important?

Because it is important to use the knowledge and experience of Nurse level 4, Nurse Level 3 and Paramedics who are directly involved in the workplace. So that people do not talk about them, but with them.

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Introduction to the VAR members

Kim Gadiot

My name is Kim Gadiot and I have been living on Bonaire since July 2020. I work as a nurse with a focus on oncology in the outpatient clinic. Since this year, I have been training to become an oncology nurse in collaboration with the Amstel Academy AUMC. I hope to successfully complete this at the beginning of 2023. The choice to apply for the VAR was not difficult, because I want to be there for healthcare, innovate and certainly want to inspire. My role within the VAR is chairman.