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Fundashon Mariadal

Fundashon Mariadal is a healthcare institution on Bonaire that covers the following areas of focus: Acute care, Short-term care, Long-term care, Diagnostics and Medicines supply.

Bonaire has become a special municipality of the Netherlands since 2010. In addition to this change, population growth is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. The result of this is that Fundashon Mariadal will grow along with it.

This means that more and broader care will be provided on Bonaire. That is why Fundashon Mariadal has invested heavily in upgrading the staff and the various care departments. We need even more professionals to achieve our goal. Fundashon Mariadal has the ambition to offer 80% of the care here on Bonaire. By coming to work with us, we can grow together and contribute to better quality care for the population on Bonaire.


“Fundashon Mariadal will provide everyone on Bonaire with professional and optimal medical and transmural care, aiming for coordinated care facilities through integrated collaboration between general and specialist care. This cooperation focuses mainly on the surrounding (island) countries to which Bonaire is forced to fall back. International standards for healthcare, adapted to the situation of Bonaire, are paramount and will determine the direction”


“Everyone is entitled to the maximum integrated quality of care that is achievable on Bonaire and tailored to the needs and wishes of the patient and those of his or her family. As Fundashon Mariadal is the largest healthcare service company on the island, it is its job to continuously guarantee well-being on Bonaire and to ensure that its staff is able to provide the necessary knowledge, skills and resources required for this, to have”


The foundation dates back to 1922, when the Roosendaal sisters purchased a villa and surrounding land to build a hospital. This hospital was soon put into use and was given the name ‘San Francisco Hospital’. Almost in the same year, the nuns built a monastery on the surrounding land. A few years later, however, the hospital turned out to be too small and a new hospital was built for Bonaire. An annex for the elderly was also built at this hospital. Ultimately, the demand for elderly care increased to such an extent that the hospital housed more and more elderly people.

To keep elderly care and sick care separate, a new hospital was built again, the old hospital was turned into a retirement home and was given the name “Cas di Sosiego”. The new hospital was completed in 1976 and is still in use today. Healthcare on Bonaire, which once started with two sisters in the villa, came under the care of a foundation established for this purpose in the 1970s, then called “Stichting Ziekenverpleging & Bejaarden-zorg”. In 1999, this name was changed to Fundashon Mariadal, or Stichting Mariadal, named after the monastery from which the sisters used to be sent to Bonaire.

The villa is today used for the health center “Sentro di Salú Convent” and also functions as an office for the management and administration of Fundashon Mariadal. In 2003 a new nursing home was ready. In this new building “Kas di Kuido” the clients who require more care are cared for.

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Kaya Soeur Bartola
Bonaire, Caribisch Nederlands