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Is working in healthcare your ambition? Do you like working with and for people and are you interested in their health? Read more about the Basic Training Course nurse level 4 at FM Academy here.

The four-year training course nurse level 4 is characterized by a curriculum that is completely tailored to hospital practice. The lessons take place at the FM Academy and are provided by our own teachers, by professionals from the hospital and by professionals for the supporting subjects. You will complete the practical part at Home Care, the Kas di Kuido nursing home and the Sentebibu hospital, among others. In the 3rd year you will do internships in the maternity department, the operating room, special care and the emergency room. If you wish, we can also try to arrange one of the internships elsewhere, for example at SGR-Groep Curaçao, Psychiatry Capriles Clinic and Surgery on Aruba HOH.

In this way, theory and practice are optimally linked. And because you quickly become acquainted with the practice, you know whether the profession really suits you.


This training course is a work-learning variant. This means that you enter into a learn and work agreement with FM Academy for the duration of your training course. A theory week alternates with a 3-4 week internship in practice. You do internships (including a foreign internship if possible) and work an average of 24 hours per week. You will be supervised by graduates from the department where you are doing your internship. There is an internship coordinator and a mentor associated with your learning process, who also guides your learning process and coaches you in your personal development.

The basic training course nurse level 4 starts every school year in September. If you are interested in the nurse level 4 training course, you can apply/register from December for a place in the group that will start after the summer.

Would you like to know more about the training course nurse level 4 at FM Academy? Then click here for a video (teacher speaking) and download the leaflet Training Course Nurse Level 4 (which contains more detailed information about structure, practical part, future workplace, diploma, BIG registration?, recruitment and pre-selection, etc.).


To be eligible for the Basic Training Course nurse level 4, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum age of 16 years
  • You have a PKL diploma or a healthcare assistant diploma (MBO level 2)
  • Apply for a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG)
  • You can meet the annual financial obligation for tuition and book fees
  • You have a signed training-employment contract


If you are interested in the nurse level 4 training course, you can register via the registration form.


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