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The Fundashon Mariadal pharmacy offers a new service for clients who use one or more medications for a long time. There is now a free repeat service especially for them. Clients who use this no longer have to request a repeat prescription themselves. The pharmacy’s repeat service ensures that they always have sufficient medicines on hand. This is a lot easier for clients than the current practice.

The client can register for the repeat service at the pharmacy. During a consultation, the pharmacy tailors the repeat service to the client’s personal situation. Together we determine which medications are suitable for the repeat service. Afterwards, the client no longer needs to request a repeat prescription. The pharmacy’s repeat service calculates when the medicines are running low and requests repeat prescriptions from the GP. The client will be notified as soon as the medications are ready.

Naturally, the repeat service coordinates all medication with the GP.
The advantages:

  • free and easy registration;
  • no longer have to request repeat prescriptions yourself;
  • you collect all your medication for three months in one go;
  • always enough medicines at home.

Clients who want to use the repeat service can request this at the Fundashon Mariadal pharmacy.