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In a press conference, the Fundashon Mariadal pharmacy announced a number of innovations and explained the state of affairs on a number of current topics.

‘Track and trace’

This means that clients receive a text or email message that their medication is ready. In the pharmacy, the client can enter the option “Collect medication” (letter: C) at the self-service kiosk. This way, the cliimage006.pngnt will receive his or her medication more quickly.
This system has now been in use for several months and many clients have experienced its convenience. The condition is that their correct personal details, telephone number and email address are known to the pharmacy. When visiting the pharmacy, we recommend checking this information together with the pharmacy employee and correcting it if necessary.

Repeat service

More than 600 patients have now been admitted to our repeat service (HHS). This service is particularly valuable for people who have difficulty organizing their medication.

Clients who use medication for a long period of time can register for this free and easily at the pharmacy. The client no longer has to request repeat prescriptions. The pharmacy calculates when the client’s medicines are running low, orders new medicines and requests repeat prescriptions from the GP. After approval by the GP, the pharmacy will prepare the medicines. The client receives a message of this. This way, the client always has sufficient medication at home.

The pharmacy recently organized a meeting for general practices to explain the repeat service. Grateful use was made of this.

Delivery service

The pharmacy in Rincon is currently piloting a delivery service. Clients who have difficulty getting to the pharmacy have their medications delivered to their home. This trial runs until the end of August. Clients in Rincon who think they qualify for this can register at the pharmacy or their GP

Medicine roll

The pharmacy offers more and more chain partners a service with a medicine roll (Baxter service). The medicine roll is actually a long string of linked transparent plastic bags. Each bag contains exactly the medications that the client must take at a specific time of the day. With the use of this automated system, an important step forward has been made in both efficiency and accuracy. And it is more user-friendly for the clients.

Staff shortages and waiting times

Unfortunately, the pharmacy has experienced staff shortages in recent months. Mariadal is actively recruiting, with preference given to personnel from the Caribbean region. Due to staff shortages, waiting times have increased. Previously, the average wait time was less than 15 minutes, but in recent weeks it has increased to 19 to 21 minutes. We expect this to increase further in July and August.

To reduce waiting times, the pharmacy asks clients to only collect their medicines immediately in case of emergency. In other cases it is advisable to wait two days before collecting. Use the ‘track and trace system’ and ensure that the personal details (SMS and email address) in the pharmacy are correct. If the client receives a message that the medication is ready, it is advisable not to wait too long before collecting it.


The pharmacy continues to innovate and invest in the future. A new training course for pharmacy assistants aimed at local people will start in August. However, this will only produce pharmacy assistants in three years’ time.

The pharmacy in Playa will be renovated this year and a vending machine will be installed. The pharmacy in Rincon is also being renovated.