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Fundashon Mariadal, a reliable provider of air ambulance care on Bonaire for years, is pleased to take the next step in expanding and guaranteeing the continuity of medical air ambulance care in the interests of island patients. Effective January 24, 2024, FM will enter into a partnership with SARPA for the next phase of professional ambulance flight operations, a step that further underlines our commitment to excellent patient care.

As a trusted air ambulance provider on the island, Fundashon Mariadal has always been committed to transporting patients to specialized medical facilities in the region in an efficient and medically responsible manner. The new partnership with SARPA, an organization with an excellent reputation in the field of patient transport by air, enables FM to further improve healthcare delivery.

The collaboration includes a harmonious integration of FM’s medical expertise with SARPA’s extensive experience in this specific air transport. This guarantees a smooth transition for the patient to increased reliability of available air ambulance services. Fundashon Mariadal will of course remain responsible for medical care in the new situation, while SARPA will carry out the flights with their specialized aircraft.

A meaningful addition to the existing services is the ability to transport two care-intensive patients on air ambulance stretchers at the same time with SARPA’s specially equipped equipment. This improvement increases FM’s capabilities for providing life-saving care in emergency situations, for example in the event of a disaster.

The air ambulance service that Fundashon Mariadal offers is a crucial addition to the extensive (intensive) care provided. From take-off to landing, FM ensures uninterrupted high-quality patient monitoring and care.

Fundashon Mariadal remains committed to the health and well-being of our community on Bonaire and in the region. The partnership with SARPA is a welcome step forward in FM’s mission to save lives and deliver the highest standard of care to patients and their families.